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Yes, its a 10!

we all strive for excellence. 5 of 10 will not do, 7 is acceptable. 9 is great, but nothing can beat a 10. It’s a great movement of joy & pride—when we get a 10.
a 10 is about achievement, it's about excellence.

our story

A10 Design Private Limited was formed to provide integrated Interior Design and Implementation solutions under one roof.  Using years of experience and learning's, the need to form A10  was to plug the gap between good design and effective execution. Its unfortunate that a promising Design-Essence is lost due to bad executions or inexperience of contractors. A10 lead by design, engineering skills & planning, provide proactive service and have a robust management system in place, to deliver in time, without cost overruns.

A10 strive for excellence in what ever it undertakes. We sincerely work for finest quality and nothing short of best is acceptable. Our designers create amazing yet appropriate design ideas & solutions.  Our project team have a  trained eye for detailing and workmanship. A10 is committed to provide clients with high-quality, creative, cost-effective solutions.  We strive to understand our customer’s objectives and then allocate a dedicated project team and additional resources from our pan India team of experts to achieve the targeted results.
our philosophy 

strive for excellence

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.

~ Aristotle

create endless possibilities.png

8 Years Of Excellence!

A10 was formed on 10th Oct 2013 (10-10), an interesting connotation.

In just 8 years, with a simple mission of design thinking & quality focus, we have indeed come a long way.


With hundreds of successful projects, leaving behind the pandemic tribulations, it's time to move ahead, it is time to create infinite possibilities.

This is represented by our 8th-year anniversary logo.

find out how we can create infinite possibilities together

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